Current Trend in New Media

    Today, companies and businesses can advertise their products and services in many different forms.  Using new media is the best way to promote and sell their products.  One example is using Facebook. So many people use Facebook everyday, several times a day. Companies are now creating their own Facebook pages to connect to their audiences.

            With people logging onto Facebook everyday, companies know their pages will be seen. If they include pictures of their products, people can like and share, spreading the advertisement even further.  Their ads can be seen by thousands of people each day.

            People who are starting new businesses are now often using Facebook to even take orders. Artists are selling clothing, jewelry, and even paintings over Facebook. One example is Sequoia Fashions. It is two young women creating unique clothing. On their page, they encourage people to message them about any inquiries. They do monthly updates with pictures of their new products.  They are both from the Regina area, and have nearly 2000 likes for their page. I have included a link to their Facebook page.


About michellefischer321

Hi! I am currently taking the New Media Communications class at the Siast Wascana campus. I'll be posting my projects and assignments here, as well as some other things I find interesting and would like to share. Any feedback and comments are more then welcome :)
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