Scavenger Hunt – Interactive Media

       1.  Andrea Dorfman is a filmmaker, animator, cinematographer and artist. She is an interactive media professional. She has made many short films, and two feature films, as well as a documentary.  Over the past few years she has been working in animation at the National Film Board of Canada. She has made two Emmy nominated animated films, Flawed (2010), and Big Mouth (2012). She has been creating very powerful mini-documentaries for the charitable human rights organization Equality Effect. I’ve provided a link to her short film Flawed, as well as a link to a video poem, How to be Alone, she made in collaboration with Tanya Davis. Both spread strong messages in a captivating creation in less then seven minutes.


How to be Alone:


    2. GestureTek is a great example of interactive media used in public spaces. GestureTek creates motion-activated digital signage and gesture-driven experiential advertising all over the US. Many companies, such as DynaMedia, Inwindow Outdoor, and Monster Media, have used GestureTek to make their ads more memorable and captivating, placing their ads in stores, malls, stadiums, foyers, transportation stations and other public places.

Image Image


   3. Stephen King’s novel Under the Dome recently turned into a TV series on CBS. To explore the story and series further, there is a fan site created by fans, for fans. It is updated daily, with interviews from cast members, various photos, and videos from different episodes. You can follow it on Facebook and Twitter, post comments, and discuss episodes with other fans to feel even more connected to the show.


   4. Apps are now a part of many people’s daily lives. Now, they have made their way into the medical profession. iMedicalApps and Android Medical Apps allow both doctor and consumer to participate in this technological revolution. These apps allow them to seek healthcare information quickly and at their fingertips. Reliable and easily available information on healthcare able to be downloaded to mobile devices is now growing at rapid pace due to its ease of use, broad applicability and fair price point.     


  5. Poynt is an Android app, which knows your location. Since it knows your location, it can tell you the closest restaurants, clubs, movie theatres, etc. Poynt for Android allows you to interact with your search results through placing calls to businesses, viewing show times, mapping directions, and movie trailers or even reserving a table at a local restaurant. This app sounds incredibly convenient and useful for all the social butterflies out there!



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